SQL 99 Complete, Really now freely available

I am very happy that Daniel Bartholomew recently finished his task of getting the excellent book SQL 99 Complete, Really into the askmonty.org Knowledge base (KB). Even if the book is a bit old, it's still one of the best (maybe even the best?) reference books about SQL.

A big thanks to my friends Peter Gulutzan and Trudy Pelzer for making this possible!

This is however just the beginning. Now we will start cross referencing the KB and the book and also moving appropriate sections from the book to the KB to create better KB articles. (We also need to add some links to make it easier to read trough the book online).

One of the goals with the KB is that over time it will become a full reference and user manual, not only about MariaDB and MySQL, but also about other databases, database systems and database languages.

If you own the rights to some database documentation that you think would benefit the users of the KB, please contact us about getting it included. We are especially interested in MariaDB and MySQL related books and are even willing purchase the rights for these to get them published in the KB.

One of the great benefits of the KB is that if you can't find an answer, you can ask a question at precisely the point where you think the answer should be and get an answer there from the people working on or using the KB. This will allow others to find the answer without having to ask the same question again. The KB is thus not only a manual, but also a replacement for forums.

When it comes to MariaDB in the KB, I am quite happy about the progress. The documentation is growing rapidly and we have been able to quickly create new articles to answer most questions that have been asked in the KB, in the #maria IRC channel or on the Launchpad MariaDB mailing list.

If you want to participate in creating free database documentation and/or help others by answering database questions please join us in working on the KB.


Unknown said...

Another great feature is that every section of the book is free for you comments. With the commenting system we can collect actual use cases and tricks and trips.

Anonymous said...

Monty, Peter, and all -- thank you so much for making this happen!

interfaSys Worldwide said...

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

The book does not seem to be available for free any longer. At least the URL that used to work: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/sql-99-complete-really/ results in a 404.

And the URLs https://mariadb.org/sql-99-complete-really/ or http://kb.askmonty.org/v/sql-99 just redirect to the homepage.