Come to Lisbon and meet MariaDB developers

The next Monty Program Ab company and MariaDB developer meeting will be in Lisbon, Portugal between Friday 11 March and Monday March 14, 2011.

The topic of the meeting is to go through what has been done in the MariaDB and MySQL code recently and to plan the features for the next main MariaDB release.

The developer meeting is open to anyone who wants to participate. If you want to know about, affect, or participate in future development of MariaDB or if you just want to hang around and have a good time with the MariaDB developers, feel free to come and join us in Lisbon!

We are just now in the process of booking a hotel and will publish the details on our MariaDB Developer Meetings page as soon as it's decided.

What is still not decided is what restaurants to visit, where to have the actual meetings (we are just now talking with some hotels about this, but we are also open to suggestions) and what to do on the Monday "excursion day'. If you know Lisbon and have a suggestion that would work with a group of 20-40 people who enjoy good food, good company, and want to experience 'new (unexpected?) things', please let us know!

You can reach us at 'community at askmonty dot org'.


perusio said...

Hello Monty,
I've been spreading the word about MariaDB to everyone here in Portugal.

Will there be a formal presentation of MariaDB? I'm part of the local Drupal community and I think that a MariaDB presentation can be of great interest to all the MySQL users here. I'm sure the WP community is also interested.

Mark Callaghan said...

I hope to attend and look forward to catching up with work-in-progress on MariaDB

Monty said...

About formal presentation; We are happy to do that, or any other presentation about MariaDB that people would like us to do.

The event is both for helping us plan for future MariaDB development but also to help others know what we are doing and participate to make the MariaDB / MySQL ecosystem better!

Monty said...

To Marc: We are all looking forward to have you join us! It was great in Istanbul and we expect Lisbon to be even better!

Tor Haxson said...

Castelo de S. Jorge provides a nice view of the city, old castle with the usual old-castle stuff.

Lisbon is lovely , old blue-tiled buildings.