MariaDB Foundation at the Percona conference

The MariaDB Foundation have just issued press release about the new Governance in the Foundation.  A lot of the new things that is happening in the MariaDB adoption comes thanks to the work we have done in the Foundation.

The Foundation is also happy to announce that is has now 2 senior MySQL (now MariaDB) developers on board, Alexander Barkov and Sergey Vojtovich and a documentation writer, Ian Gilfillan.

The foundation is also helping founding the new Connect engine, which allows you to use MariaDB with a lot of different formats (XML, CVS, DBF,...), and connections, including ODBC. (Documentation will appear shortly here).

If you want to know more about the MariaDB Foundation, you can find me and a lot of MariaDB developers in the MariaDB foundation boot at Percona conference in Santa Clara.

Monty Program Ab, SkySQL and Antony Curtis has also a lot of talks at Percona live about MariaDB and related things:
We have also a MariaDB BOF at 6:00 pm on the 23'th of April in Ballroom F. Anyone who ever been on one of the MySQL/MariaDB BOF's with me knows what to expect. This time there will be even more surprises...

Hope to see a lot of you next week!