conference, conferences...

It's now 3 weeks since the MariaDB & MySQL community day in Santa Clara.

Thanks everyone for coming!

Personally I think it was a success, especially considering the short
time we had to put it together! 11 great speakers and 100+ participants.

We had a small issue with the camera that we used to record all talks: The slides are not very visible. We have been working on editing the videos for all talks to fix this and will update the conference page with both slides and videos for the talks as soon as the editing is finished. The first video is already available! Hope you like it!

We plan to have another MariaDB & MySQL community day in mid November in Florida and another one in Europa after the summer.

Please contact me at 'foundation 'at' mariadb (dot) org' if you want to participate in any of these events!

For the Santa Clara community day we didn't have time to involve the community in selecting the speakers. For the next community days we will work openly with the MariaDB community to select the speakers and plan the event!

I am now attending the LinuxFest Northwest conference where I have a talk about "MariaDB 10.0", which is now declared stable, and "How to make money with open source". Look me up if you want to talk with me about these topics or if you want to discuss, sponsor, or be part of developing any of the features we plan for MariaDB 10.1.