Proposal for MariaDB trademark policy

Within Monty Program Ab we have during this year had a lot of discussions about how to go forward with the MariaDB trademark. It's been clear that everyone wants to have something that is substantially freer than the MySQL trademark to ensure the survival of MariaDB whatever happens to Monty Program Ab.

We wanted to make something that should work well, both for open source and commercial usage (and yes, I know that in some cases these are one and the same), which is not very common with many other trademark policies. My belief is that by having a very liberal trademark policy we will create a bigger ecosystem around MariaDB which will help all of us.

Now we have had a couple of internal drafts (with heavy input from our community advocates) and we have released our first public draft.

Please give us feedback about this either on my blog or the knowledge base so that we can take your thoughts into account for our final version!

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lrosen said...

Hi Monty,

Be very careful. Don't assume that a liberal trademark policy is in any way the same as a liberal copyright policy. Trademarks don't work that way. Consult your attorney before you do something foolish.

Best regards and good luck,

/Larry Rosen