Scheduled talks for the MariaDB & MySQL community event in Santa Clara

We have now a great set of talks for the MariaDB & MySQL community event in Santa Clara on 3rd of April!

You can find the current scheduled talks here.

Initially we had a few additional talks by other community members, who however had to cancel because of contractual reasons with Percona Live.

We can still fit in a few extra talks by adjusting the schedule. If you want to present something that you think is important for most of the MariaDB and MySQL community, please connect with us at 'foundation' 'at' mariadb (dot) org' or add a comment to this blog.

This is going to be the best event this year if you want to know more about MariaDB and what is happening around MariaDB and MySQL!

You will not only be able to attend great talks, you will also get to talk directly with many of the original creators of MariaDB and MySQL!

Don't worry if you happen to miss some of the talks. We plan to put all talks on YouTube, so that you can view them later at your convenience.

Because of the rush of setting up this conference we did not have time to have a proper community board choose and review the talks. We plan to fix this for the next MariaDB & MySQL community event. The vision is to organize 2-4 free community events per year where all companies in the MariaDB and MySQL community can participate on equal terms.

We are thinking about having the next MariaDB foundation conference in Europa and the following one on the USA east coast. These will be standalone events later this year.

Please contact me if you want to be part of organizing or participate in these or future events

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