MariaDB and MySQL room at Froscon

Froscon, the German Free Software and Open Source conference, is happening again this weekend in University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.

This year we have a MariaDB/MySQL room, C 217, where we can meet, discuss and present MariaDB and MySQL related issues.

I will probably be in the room or at the MariaDB booth most of the time. I welcome people to come to the room with their database problems so that we can try to solve them 'live' (assuming that the Internet is reliable enough).

I will also hold a keynote, How to make money from Open Source today. This includes some information about Business source, a topic that has been discussed in many places lately

If you are looking for information about MariaDB, MySQL, how to make money with Open Source or just have a craving for black vodka, seek me out at Froscon!


Hartmut said...

The Room seems to be C-219, not C-217 ... it should be the only project room on the 2nd floor anyway, so should be easy to find once you're on the right floor ...

Terri said...

This is fantastic!

Mitesh Patel said...

MariaDB is a database server that was created to address the modern data environment and its challenges. It is an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL. MariaDB offers more scalability and robustness, with advanced features like full text search and row-level locking. MariaDB is developed by the original authors of MySQL and owned by the MariaDB Foundation under a dual license: GPLv2 (or later) or commercial license.