MariaDB developer meeting in Athens

It's time for the next MariaDB developer meeting. This time it's in Athens from 11-November to 14'th of November.

The reason for choosing Athens was that the previous MariaDB developer meetings has been in places like Iceland, Spain and Portugal (all countries with some financial issues) and we thought it was no more than right to support Greece next.

As before, the meeting is open for everyone that wants to attend.

The agenda can be found here. This is also the place where all proposed and agreed to plans will be be posted.

We will try to keep the #maria IRC channel on Freenode up to date about what is happening. If you have any questions about a session, you can ask questions on the channel and we will do our best to answer them.

The main topic of the meeting is to finalise the plans for MariaDB 5.6 now when MariaDB 5.5 is close to completion. (MariaDB 5.3 + MySQL 5.5 -> MariaDB 5.5 merge is done and we are now fixing the final issues found by our test systems so that we can do the first alpha binary release of MariaDB 5.5).

If you have any ideas or suggestions for what we should do in 5.6, please update either the plans page or send an email to maria-developers at lists.launchpad.net list.

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Christoph said...

Any good takeaways from the conference? Maybe a follow-up blog?