Welcome to Percona Live in New York

Percona is organizing another Percona Live event, this time a one-day MySQL summit in New York.

This is a 100% technical conference with no marketing allowed, perfect for those that are only interested in the real stuff or those that want to get answers to problems they have *right now*.

The previous summit, held in San Francisco, was very well attended and I have heard a lot of good things about it from people that were there.

In San Francisco we had one of the MariaDB optimizer gurus holding a talk about all the advanced optimization we have added to MariaDB 5.3.

In NYC we have Kurt von Finck giving a talk about What's New In MariaDB.

Unfortunately I can't be there, even if I would like to attend :(

I was in the USA last month at the MySQL Conference and expo, and I will be in the USA again in June for Open Source Bridge. Then again in July for OSCon.

Even if I like to travel to the USA, once a month is a little too often when you live in Europe. Hope that Percona will host a summit in Europe soon ...

However, don't worry; Kurt will, of course, have with him in NYC some of the black stuff everyone is expecting from a Monty Program Ab employee.

Last not but least, for all the readers of the monty-says blog, you can get a 50$ discount to the Percona Live event by using the MONTYSAYS discount code. One never knows in what kind of places this discount code may work... ;)


Sheeri K. Cabral said...

Open DB Camp is in Europe; we would love to have you fly in even though it's last-minute! And you know very well that the technical material at Open DB Camp is great, having attended (in the US) in the past.

Monty said...

I am just now working on some of the last things for getting MariaDB 5.3 out in beta and need to finish it ASAP as we have a lot of people waiting for it.

Monty Program Ab did send both Colin Charles and Sergei Golubchik to the camp so I know that MariaDB representation is in excellent hands already.