Still going strong

Gnu is 25 years. How time flies...

I still remember my first contact with the free software people at the Stockholm-Helsinki cruise 1991 (where Minix was first released).

I was back then, of course, already an emacs and gcc user, but that trip was when I first felt an urge to release something as free software. (The concept 'open source' didn't exist back then). It did however take me until 1995 before David and I felt we had something that was good enough to be released.

We haven't yet achieved world domination in all categories, but we are definitely getting there; Some things take time, but we have time on our side.

As a way to celebrate, the actor and humorist Steven Fry has made a video entitled 'Happy Birtday to Gnu'. Please check it out!

Happy birthday to Gnu!

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Masood Mortazavi said...

I didn't realize it had been that long! Time flies.