Honor award at HP Linux forum 2008

I got yesterday a honor award at the HP Linux Forum 2008 in Helsinki, from FLUG (Finnish Linux user group) for "important work for the good of Linux" and for "working to keep the code open even when part of MySQL management has been of different opinion".

The major award went to Ubuntu Suomi for their good work in translating Ubuntu to Finnish and helping Finnish users setting up and using Ubuntu.

Linux.fi got the other honor award for their work on creating a Finnish Wiki for Linux users.

Arto Teräs, the spokesman of FLUG, said among other things, that "MySQL was one of the killer applications that brought Linux to the business world and to other places where Linux was not used before". You can find a video of his presentation here.

I am honored and happy for the recognition from FLUG. Thanks FLUG for the award and for HP hosting the event!

It was a well attended event (for being Finland); Based on the number of cars on the parking slot I would estimate the number of persons to at least 500. The one thing that I found missing was that Sun was not present at the event. (Note to myself; Need to fix this for next year)


byte said...

Congratulations Monty! --colin

Baron said...

Congratulations Monty!

rpbouman said...

Hi Monty,

congratulations, and thanks for your efforts guarding MySQL quality and defending its freedom :)