Maria specifications are available


You can now find the specifications, flow charts and implementation details for all (except one) parts of Maria at:


This makes Maria the best documented project in the history of MySQL AB. Yes, I know that this doesn't say much, but I think we have done a really decent job in this case.

The public worklog doesn't yet display the dependences between tasks, like our internal worklog does, which makes it a bit hard to navigate between tasks and to understand in which order tasks will be done. I hope this will be fixed soon.

So, you may ask, what is the one task that we have not published.? This is a new very cool way to index data to make some searches extremely fast. The reason for not releasing it is just that I
wanted to save this to my talk on the MySQL users conference in April as a nice surprise.


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Unknown said...

Great! Can't wait for the 'nice surprise' at the conference.